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» New Project: Professional future and work for young people in Nepal

Project until:
Support so far:

August 2025

8.280,- €
10/20 professional training courses at €828 each
Women and young people in particular are affected by unemployment in Nepal. Fixed role models prevent young women from accessing vocational trainings. In addition, early marriage, housework and childcare hinder their chances of earning their own income. This project focuses primarily on young people from particularly disadvantaged population groups. A total of 550 young women and men between the ages of 18 and 24 are to receive training towards a career in employment or self-employment. Our goal in this project:
We finance 20 professional training courses at 828 euros each for young women, a total of 16,560 euros. Learn more!

» New Project in Malawi: Education makes girls strong!

Project until:
Support so far:

September 2026

9.504,- €
22/40 one-year scholarships of €432 each
We have worked in Malawi before. But many young girls still have difficulties accessing education. The graduation rate for girls in secondary school is only 21 percent. 42% of the girls still get merried before the age of 18. That's why we want to support this project with its very broad approach. Young people at risk of poverty receive scholarships, their school fees are covered, they receive school uniforms and they are also provided with a bicycle if they have a particularly long journey to school. In addition, mentoring programs and special trainings are carried out, hygiene materials are distributed, participation in savings groups is made possible for the affected families, the communities and local authorities are involved and much more. Our goal in this project: We finance 40 one-year scholarships for girls worth 432 euros, a total of 17,290 euros. Learn more!

» Completed Project: Future prospects for young women in Nepal

Project until:
Support so far:

at least mid-2023

31.535,- €

This project is completed.

85 vocational trainings at €371 each financed.
In addition to the specific problem of Kamalari girls in the west of the country (see Kamalari project), there are general problems for the youth in Nepal. Every day 1,500 young people migrate abroad. Reasons are severely limited job and training opportunities, low wages and poor working conditions in the country. For young women it is particularly difficult to get good education and a job. With this Plan project, 460 young women are to receive trainings adapted to the domestic labor market and in addition to receive a secure job with adequate salary and acceptable working conditions. We have increased our target again: We want to finance the vocational training for 100 of these 460 young women. Each training will cost 371, - Euro. Learn more!

» Completed Project: Empower girls and avoid child marriage in Zimbabwe

Project until:
Support so far:

August 2024

8.086,- €

This project is fully funded but not yet completed.

13 education packages for girls á 622,- € financed.
We were engaged in Zimbabwe before. But in this country there is still a need to avoid early marriage of girls. Unfortunately, Corona crisis has exacerbated the problem. More girls are now dropping out of school and getting married, so an additional set of measures was needed to counteract this negative development. We chose two of the various measures and formed them as an "educational package": We want 35 girls to receive vocational training of 177 euros each and 35 girls to receive school fees, school uniforms, school materials (books, writing materials, school backpack, etc.) for three Finance each year in the amount of 445 euros. So our "educational package" for a girl costs 622 euros. Learn more!

» Completed Project: Education for children in Rwanda

Project until:
Support so far:

End 2021

18.561,- €

This project is completed.

69 vocational trainings á 269,- € financed.
In Rwanda, 47% of the population is under 18 years old. The education of this young generation is crucial for the development of this country. However, many children drop out of school early. Traditional role models prevent especially girls from exercising their right to education. In particular, early pregnancies, gender-specific disadvantages and violence contribute to girls school drop out. Plan has set itself a special goal from this project: 100 adolescent mothers who have dropped out of school should receive vocational training, which cost about 269 euros each. We have financed 69 trainings.
Learn more!

» Completed Project: Scholarships for Kamalari-girls in Nepal

Project until:
Support total:

End 2019

28.910,- €
This project has sufficient financial resources.
70 scholarships, 100 grants for school visits,
30 university grants and 25 study groups
In the west of the Himalayan state of Nepal lives the ethnic group of Tharu. One of their traditions is the Kamalari system - serfdom, which particularly affects girls. Plan is committed to the abolition of this tradition and opens educational opportunities for the girls. The Warner 4 Girls Foundation was supporting Plan on this project and has funded 70 scholarships for a two-year college degree, 100 grants for school visits, 30 university grants and 25 learning groups for girls. Learn more!
In addition, the Foundation has paid along with several supporters 1.000 € to the plan project for earthquake victims in Nepal in 2015.

» Completed Project: 18+ Avoid children's marriage in Zimbabwe

Project until:
Support total:


8.150,- €
This project is completly financed.
50 vocational trainings á 163,- € financed.
In Zimbabwe, 34 percent of the girls marry before they are 18 years old. Usually a pregnancy soon follows the wedding. So these girls break school and get into a spiral of dependence and poverty. The aim of this project is to strengthen girls, so that they can determine themselves whether and when they get married. As part of this project, 50 unmarried, vulnerable girls who are no longer able to complete their general education will be professionally trained. Learn more!

» Completed Project: 18+Project Scholarships for girls in Malawi

Project until:
Support total:

End 2020

8.876,- €
This project is completed.
7 scholarships á 1.268,- € financed.
In Malawi, only half of all children complete schooling. Especially girls break off school early. This is often due to their marriage before turning 18 and pregnancy at a young age. This project aims to improve the educational opportunities for girls among very disadvantaged families. For these girls scholarships, school fees, school uniforms, teaching materials as well as living and transportation costs will be covered. Learn more!

» Completed Project: Scholarships for teacher training in Burkina Faso

Support total:

October 2016

10.800,- €
This project is completed.
9 scholarships á 1.200,- € financed.
In Burkina Faso, 71% of the population can neither write nor read. The percentage of illiterate women is even higher. PLAN aims to enhance the rate of school enrolments and graduation from primary school in Burkina Faso among girls. To achieve this objective, PLAN aims to qualify an overall of 500 women to becoming a teacher and serve as role models for schoolgirls. Learn more!

» Completed Project: Scholarships for indigenous girls in Guatemala

Support total:

Mid 2011

9.600,- €
This project is completed.
25 scholarships á 380,- € financed.
Plan gave 1,000 scholarships to girls from 93 rural municipalities to enable them to attend secondary school. In addition, workshops with local leaders were conducted in order to establish the scholarship programs autonomously and on a long term basis in the communities – the principle of self-help. Learn more!

» Total support since 11/2008:

143.302,- €





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