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» Completed Project: Scholarships for teacher training in Burkina Faso

Project ended:
Support total:

October 2016

10.800,- €
9 scholarships á 1.200,- € financed.
Burkina Faso is one oft he poorest countries in the world. Very few girls attend school. The rate of illiteracy is about 71%. Especially girls never learn how to read and write. One of many reasons are traditional gender roles and low appreciation of education for women. Therefore, there are few successful and educated female role models, who can promote education within women. Very few women have a profession at all. Thus, the teaching profession is dominated by men, as well.
PLAN aimed to enhance the rate of school enrolments and graduation from primary school among girls in Burkina Faso. To achieve this objective, PLAN and partners intended to increase the percentage of female teachers in schools in Burkina Faso. Improvements in teacher training should lead to higher quality education, whilst additional measures to raise awareness in the communities supposed to make sure that education for woman is better accepted.
To reach these goals and enable women to be financially and professionally independent, PLAN wanted to offer 500 scholarships for vocational teacher trainings to girls, who could not afford such training.
PLAN covered school fees and parts of the living expenses. To further support the girls, the stipend were linked to a mentoring programme. Networks between female programme graduates were encouraged within all regions of Burkina Faso. An independent committee choose eligible girls for the scholarships according to social hardship and admission criteria for the vocational teacher training.
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