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Our sponsorships


Children sponsored by Plan become "ambassadors" for the development of an entire community. The ambition is to create an infrastructure and an environment for children to grow up in better circumstances, to improve their living conditions and opportunities. It is not directly the children or their families who receive donations from sponsorships. Donations are invested in enduring development work projects in the community that the children are part of.

We occasionally correspond with our sponsored children and from time to time they also get acknowledgements directly from the plan gift shop.

» Xiomara  

Born: 2005
Lives in: Ecuador

In the community of Xiomara the following projects are being undertaken:

1. Teacher training,
2. Establishing and expanding a childrens' group as well as a youth group; influencing local politics,
3. Training of municipal administration, to accomplish projects independently.
Meanwhile Xiomara has been enrolled in school. Her favorite subject is literature.
However Xiomara's parents have moved out of the Plan program area with her finally and according to the rules of Plan, the sponsorship ended automatically.
» Floricelda  

Born: 2010
Lives in: Guatemala


In the community of Floricelda the following projects are being undertaken:

1. Procurement of educational materials for children,
2. Establishment and support of a children's club and a club for adolescents,
3. Training on hygiene, sanitation and water use,
4. Construction of latrines,
5. Training on child rights.

Floricelda is our new sponsor child in Guatemala. Her predecessor Joselin moved away from the community with her parents, which lead to the termination of the sponsorship. 
We have originally come up with the idea to establish our own foundation by sponsoring children with PLAN. We do sponsor the children from our private funds and not through the foundation. The Warner 4 Girls Foundation promotes exclusively and directly selected projects of plan, whereas the sponsoring of our children supports projects of the municipalities, where the children and their families live. In this respect, we were and are engaged in Guatemala, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Malawi, Rwanda and Simbabwe .
You too could support a community by sponsoring a child.
By sponsoring a child, you take part in the life of an entire community.

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