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We are doing well.

We miss nothing essential, and we achieved much of what we have planned.

But if we look at the world, we see widespread hunger, misery, disease and lack of education. High time to contribute to an improvement - even though it may be a small contribution only. As a sign of thanks to national and international society, we have set up the foundation "Warner 4 Girls". It is time to give something back and get involved. This film that we found in 2008 inspired us to start the foundation. The facts in the film are partly outdated, the problems mentioned have improved somewhat. But there is still a lot to be done.



Globalization brings us closer to children who do not grow up in a world of equal opportunities. Globalization also means we feel globally responsible, to act and to help.

With the help of many sponsors this project will be even more successful. Take a look at where we focus our efforts and the projects we support. Make a contribution so that we can change the world together.


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