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» Project: 18+ Scholarships for girls in Malawi

Project until:
Support so far:

End 2020

5.072,- €

This project is completed.

We financed 7 scholarships for girls á 1.268,- €

The Malawian educational system comprises of an 8-year primary school and a 4-year secondary school phase. Although education is compulsory, only half of all children finish secondary school. Children in rural areas and especially girls drop out of school early. Many girls are being married before they turn 18, get pregnant and break off school.

The project aims to improve educational opportunities for girls from disadvantaged families with scholarships in the Plan program area Mzuzu. The participating girls will be additionally supervised and live together in dormitories. The parents are also integrated into the program.
In addition, PLAN sponsors the formation of girls clubs in which they can exchange knowledge and can motivate each other. Even non-scholarship holders may be members of these girls clubs. Teachers and mentors will also participate in trainings by PLAN.

The aim of all these measures is to ensure the schooling of girls up to their 18th annivesary. The project is part of the 18+ program. In Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe PLAN aims at preventing marriage of minors and abolish this practice in the long term. By means of changing laws and attitudes as well as teaching girls about their rights and enable access to education, girls are to be strengthened and their position in the Malawian society sustainably improved.

A scholarship for one girl costs 1,268 EUR. Our goal is to fund scholarships for 10 girls in Malawi totaling 12,680 Euro up of 2019. Get involved!


We would be pleased to find your contribution to these scholarships on our donation account and we thank you very much in advance.

If you are looking for more information about the country or the project, do not hesitate to contact us at:


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