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» Project: 18+ Avoid children's marriage in Zimbabwe

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8.150,- €
50 Vocational trainings for girls á 163,- €.

In Zimbabwe, 34 percent of the girls marry before they are 18 years old. Usually a pregnancy soon follows the wedding. So these girls break school and get into a spiral of dependence and poverty. The aim of this project is to strengthen girls, so that they can determine themselves whether and when they get married. The girls should become self-sufficient so that they can shape their own life and their future family life in such a way that it offers a better life perspective for them and their children.

The project is carried out together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and is broadly based: At 64 schools children 's clubs are set up, each of it is supervised by two specially trained teachers. The children learn about their rights and about the negative consequences of children's marriage. The clubs offer sheltered places to openly discuss with each other and also about sensitive topics. On top of this for a total of 70 unmarried, particularly poor or vulnerable girls a second educational opportunity will be created.

20 girls will be supported to resume school visits. 50 girls will take part in career-oriented activities and counseling on business start-ups. The girls get vocational trainings to strengthen their professional skills and learn how to build a micro business.
100 legal advisors are specifically trained on the legal issues of early marriage in order to assist the girls in case of emergency. In youth and church centers, special rooms are set up for girls who are particularly vulnerable to being married early. Information days are organized in the project communities in order to sensitize the community members to the negative aspects of child marriage. Children's protection committees are set up in the municipalities - composed of teachers, health care workers, as well as traditional and religious authorities - who are to take preventive actions against child marriage.

The project is part of the 18+ program, which aims to prevent the early marriages of children and to finally abolish them in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The minimum age of marriage in these countries is generally raised to 18 years. Through legislation, changes in consciousness, clarification of rights and access to education, girls should be sustainably strengthened and their position in the society permanently improved.

- Organization and support of child protection structures
- Vocational trainings and second education chances for 70 girls
- Training of 128 teachers to care for children's clubs at 64 project schools
- Setup of safe rooms for endangered girls

As part of the project, we are focusing on the vocational trainings for 50 girls.


Vocational trainings for one girl cost 163 EUR. Our goal is to fund vocational trainings for 50 girls in Zimbabwe totaling 8,150 Euro by 2019. Get involved!


We would be pleased to find your contribution to these scholarships on our donation account and we thank you very much in advance.

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