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» New Project in Malawi: Education makes girls strong!

Project until:
Support so far:

September 2026

9.504,- €
22/40 one-year scholarships of €432 each
This project particularly impressed us with its holistic approach. Measures are being taken here to ensure that young disadvantaged people complete their secondary education if possible.

These measures include:

Granting scholarships to 650 girls and 300 boys, including covering school and examination fees and school uniforms.

30 mentors raise awareness among a total of 8,000 students about the value of school education for their future.

Establishment of 200 savings groups with a total of 5,000 members to provide financial security for the families of young people.

Establishment of health clubs at 10 project schools.

Provision of bicycles for young people who have an extremely long journey to school.

Training bicycle mechanics to maintain these bicycles.

Conducting of 40 information sessions in the communities of these young people.

Involvement of community representatives and local authorities to ensure project success.

This project supports a large number of girls, but also boys. For cultural reasons projects are better accepted and supported locally if a certain number of boys are also supported.

Our goal: We want to finance 40 one-year scholarships for girls worth 432 euros, a total of 17,290 euros. Get involved!

We would be pleased to find your contribution to these scholarships on our donation account and we thank you very much in advance.
If you are looking for more information about the country or the project, do not hesitate to contact us at:


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