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» Completed Project: Future prospects for young women in Nepal

Project until:
Support so far:

at least mid-2023

31.535,- €

This project is completed.

85 vocational trainings at €371 each financed.
Nepal certainly has economic sectors with great potential, e.g. tourism. However the entire educational system of the country does not fit companies' demands. Therefore, this project intends to show that qualified job trainings for women have impact. 460 women, predominantly from rural areas will be trained based on a labor market analysis and then get sophisticated jobs in 300 selected companies.

Already during their vocational trainings, internships are carried out in companies. Young women also attend regular alumni meetings to share their experiences. For young mothers, additional care options are set up, e.g. kindergarden.

All 300 employing companies take part in workshops on labor law and equal rights to learn how to establish reasonable working conditions.

In addition a project publicity campaign will be conducted using radio broadcasts, etc. to spread the sample character of the project. A labor market information portal will also be set up together with local authorities. On top new employee selection procedures will be introduced in cooperation with some employers' associations.

Special components of this project are:

- Conception and realization of a training on protection of women
- Development of a case study on diversity and inclusion in workplaces
- Media campaign to promote equality
- Radio campaign to promote decent working conditions

We also got more information about planned trainings and internships. We are happy to share this information with those interested.

Particularly inspiring to us is the holistic approach of this project: Not only are trainings conducted, but also safe and good jobs are created. Pretty much in line with our Foundation's objectives.

Our goal: We want to finance vocational trainings for 100 of these 460 young women. Each training costs 371 euros, thus a total amount of 37.100 euros should be financed by 2023. Get involved!

We would be pleased to find your contribution to these scholarships on our donation account and we thank you very much in advance.
If you are looking for more information about the country or the project, do not hesitate to contact us at:


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