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Make a gift of hope

A birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day is coming - and thus the question "What can I give to a family member, mate or friend?" It's simple: Something useful! Give a gift that makes sense: Plan offers not only unusual gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones, each gift will also help to do good and the lives of children and their families in the poorest countries will improve.

» Gifts that brighten lives

How it works: For example, if you acquire a classroom furniture for two children of a primary school in Honduras, naturaly not only those two children will have a seat. Your personally sponsored classroom furniture is part of a major project: Purchasing furniture for the entire school and all pupils. Your gift is always part of a comprehensive project. Whether you select something from "education", "health" or "children's rights": The contribution to this project is realized and the participating children and their families will benefit. With extra revenues funds for other urgent plan projects will be used.

» Plan Alternative Gifts - perfect for all occasions

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If you make a gift of hope with PLAN, we will most probably not know about it. Therefore we would be happy, if you could share it with us (



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