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Contribution to the Warner 4 Girls Foundation’s funds

If you want to make a contribution to the permanent support of girls in developing countries, then please make a contribution to the foundation’s funds. The accruing earnings of these funds are transferred to the foundation’s purpose, which guarantees sustainable help on a long term basis. If you agree with it, we would also like to add you to the passage „Friends of the Warner 4 Girls Foundation“ on our website “Sponsors and donors” if you donated for the foundation’s funds.


» Account of foundation’s funds:


  Warner 4 Girls Foundation    
  Bank für Sozialwirtschaft    
  IBAN: DE06 7002 0500 6841 0901 09    


Each deposit on the foundation accounts is fully tax-deductible in Germany.

To receive a tax donation receipt - starting from 300,-€ please indicate your name and complete address in the transfer voucher. If you donate an amount under 300,-€ we ask you to submit the here printable donation proof as well as a copy of your account statement as simplified donation proof to the tax office. Up to an amount of 300,-€ this simplified donation proof is always sufficient for the German tax office.

The founders guarantee that each donated Euro is to 100% transferred to the purpose of the foundation. All costs, for example of the foundation administration, are paid by the founders themselves.

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