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Sponsor a child

With a sponsorship you can help a child, his family and the community in which the child lives. The aim is to go beyond self-help projects to permanently strengthen the entire living environment of children and ensure their long term existence.

You regularly receive information about your sponsored child, its family and the community in which the child lives from Plan. You also can write to your sponsored child, and even visit it. If you do so, you can comprehend what your help is actually about.

€ 28 per month - that is only 93 cents per day. The sponsorship contributions are tax deductible. Plan will send you automatically to the beginning of the appropriate donation receipt.

A sponsorship can be terminated at any time without giving reasons. A short message is sufficient.


Sponsor a child!



If you sponsor a child with PLAN, we will most probably not know about it. Therefore we would be happy, if you could share it with us (



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