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Legal informationen on the foundation

The Warner 4 Girls Foundation is a dependent foundation under German civil law. Foundations in Germany are legal persons, which are promoted through tax deductibility by the state if they serve a charitable purpose.

As a legal entity, the Foundation is not dependent on individuals and thus created to be everlasting. Details are laid down in a binding way in the foundationís statutes.

The Warner 4 Girls Foundation is recognized by the finance office Hamburg-Nord under the tax number 17 / 416 / 01199, by decision from 08.04.2020 as a non-profit organisation. (see notice of exemption).


» Finance

The foundation has an endowment fund. This will remain untouched forever. The accruing earnings and project donations are transferred to the foundation's purpose. This sustainably secures the endowment fund and the resulting help on a long term basis.


» Organisation and management

The foundation is run by a board of directors. The board determines - coordinated with the independent foundation management from Plan Germany - all humanitarian projects and controls the reports on the ongoing business from the foundationís administration.

For us as a small foundation, it is therefore very important to have a competent and reputable foundation administration at Plan Germany. The Warner 4 Girls Foundation has found a partner in the Foundation Centre. Plan Germany that deals with both the administrative and financial transactions for it and that is directly related to international humanitarian projects through Plan International.


» Ways to help

We can not be on site in all the countries that need help and directly build schools for them. Our foundation's purpose therefore envisions supporting major education projects for girls through the cooperation with Plan and to make use of Planís contacts and project management skills. For this purpose we get suggestions for humanitarian projects by Plan and make choices on where our help should be directed.


» About Plan International Germany e.V.

Plan helps children, families and communities wherever the educational opportunities of children are still utterly inadequate. Regardless of religion and political situation. Plan is the oldest childrenís aid organisation of this kind: Since itís founding in 1937 Plan has helped many millions of children - also in Germany. Plan was founded in the United Kingdom and still has its headquarters in England. The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) awarded Plan International Germany e.V. with the DZI Donation-Seal. This seal stands for transparency and cost-efficiency in fundraising.

In December of 2012 the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) again handed over its transparency award among 55 donor agencies. Plan International Germany e.V. achieved an outstanding 1st rank and confirmed its placement among the best five finalists from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.


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